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Loving art & design, running, walking, yoga, eating good food, being outside, gardening, creative projects, reading, music, and flowers. But most of all, loving my children, my amazing husband, and my favorite cat, Poops.

Week of September 7th: School

Just kidding! No school photos here. Flowers. HA!






Week of August 10: Sunrise

As stated previously, if there is a spare second around before I have to be at work in the morning, I generally want to be sleeping. There’s a certain 4.5 month old who usually rules the roost at my house! So I’ve taken a pretty serious twist on the prompt so that I can take pictures of things that I want to take pictures of AND sleep in each morning. Yellow flowers are kind of like a sunrise, right?!


This was (perhaps obviously) taken inside so the colors seem really washed out and I can’t figure out how to edit that to make it look more natural. Maybe I should have used better lighting to get a better photo in the first place!

My sister’s beautiful (real!) sunrise photo is over at SKDPhoto.